The Health Benefits of Better Hearing

It’s often suggested that we don’t fully appreciate the things we have until they’re gone, and this appears to be especially true of our ability to hear. Hearing loss is not only hard to detect; it’s also difficult to appreciate just how much hearing … [Read more]

When Should I Upgrade My Hearing Aids?

When should I upgrade my hearing aids? This is a typical question we hear from our patients, and the answer demands some thought. While hearing aids traditionally have a life-span of 3-7 years, there are several circumstances in which you may … [Read more]

6 Ways to Lose Your Hearing

The strange part of hearing loss is that we don’t tend to begin appreciating our favorite sounds until after we’ve lost the ability to clearly hear them. We don’t stop to give thought to, for instance, how much we enjoy a good conversation with a clos … [Read more]