Other Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing assistive technology systems (assistive listening devices) are devices that can help you function better in your day-to-day communication situations. These assistive devices can be used with or without hearing aids or cochlear implants to make hearing easier—and thereby reduce stress and fatigue. Hearing aids + assistive devices = better listening and better communication!

Assistive listening devices help you or someone you love hear better. These products overcome background noise and poor acoustics by amplifying and clarifying what you want to hear. Talk one-on-one or engage in small group conversations. Other assistive listening device systems, such as Personal FM systems, can be used in classrooms or conference rooms.


Pocketalker Ultra

Personal Amplifier
Hearing loss can make communicating and understanding a frustrating experience for both the speaker and the listener. The Pocketalker Ultra amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise. Hearing aids amplify all sounds, possibly making comprehension more difficult. The Pocketalker Ultra is more than an assistive listening device; it is a tool that enhances people's lives.

New Features:

    User adjustable tone control
    New ergonomic design, lightweight and portable
    Belt clip and lanyard allow different ways to use

System Features:

    Two AAA batteries last up to 100 hours
    Compatible with T-Coil equipped hearing aid with optional neckloop
    Five-year manufacturer's warranty

Specify your choice of earpiece style:

    A. Dual Earphone/Earbud (EAR 014)
    B. Headphone (HED 021)
    C. Single Earphone/Earbud (EAR 013)
    D. Headphone (HED 026)


Pocketalker Pro

Personal, Versatile, Portable Listening System
This personal amplifier is ideal for use in small group situations, car trips, noisy restaurants, or any place where there is distracting environmental noise. Small, lightweight and portable, the Pocketalker Pro operates up to 100 hours on AA alkaline batteries (included) or on AC power with purchase of optional charging kit. Adjustable volume control and a sensitive microphone deliver a full range of high quality sound making conversations more enjoyable.


    Belt clip case
    System carry case
    TV listening cord
    AA alkaline batteries
    System carry case
    Your choice of earpiece(s) or headphone
    - Dual Earphone
    - Single Earphone
    - Headphone (HED 021 or HED 026
    Five-year manufacturer's warranty


Alertmaster AL10
Formerly AM6000
The AlertMaster AL10™ Visual Alert System monitors the telephone, doorbell, various sounds, and motion within its environment. It features an alarm clock, large 3.5” display, security light control, lamp flasher and vibrating alert. It is an ideal solution for the deaf, hard of hearing, or anyone in a noisy environment. It is easy to use and easy to see because of the simplified design, hassle-free installation and large backlit icons.


Sennheiser Set 840-TV Amplifier
Set 840-TV is an RF stereo TV listening system that is ideally suited for wireless listening in your house or in your yard. Whether you are watching a TV program or listening to sophisticated classical music, Set 840-TV is sure to provide excellent sound. Just the push of a button sets the device to your personal listening preferences, providing you with the enjoyment of speech that is easier to understand.






*Please contact us to inquire about other available devices.

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