The STAP Program

The STAP (Special Telecommunications Assistance Program) program is available to Texas residents who have a certain amount of hearing loss. If you are a Texas resident with a hearing loss you are eligible. Every qualifying household is eligible for one amplified phone every five years. You can pick up a STAP application at either of our offices.

The STAP program, part of the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, is funded by Texas Universal Service Fund taxes assessed on people's telephone service. A portion of these fees are used to fund the STAP program that pays for the amplified telephones.

We have corded and cordless phones. Some are designed for use with Caller ID while others are not. We even have a Bluetooth Neckloop designed to work with compatible cell phones.

Once the STAP program receives and processes your application (about 6 to 8 weeks), they will mail a voucher to you. When you get your voucher, we will exchange your signed voucher for a free amplified phone. If you live in the Temple/Killeen area you can visit us at one of our locations. If you live anywhere else in Texas you can mail us your voucher to 1809 SW H K Dodgen Loop, Ste. 200, Temple, TX 76502 and we will mail you the phone of your choice via UPS Ground.

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Inspirational Wisdom

"Blindness isolates us from things, but deafness isolates us from people." ~ Helen Keller

"But people who think they can project themselves into deafness are mistaken because you can't. And I'm not talking about imagining what a deaf person's whole life is like I even mean just realizing what it is like for an instant." ~ Richard Masur